Marinette County Group Home Association (MCGHA) strives to provide supervised housing and treatment to clients who require assistance with mental, cognitive, and physical aspects of their lives to obtain optimal quality of life; through the operation of three facilities, each of which serves adults with mental illness and/or alcohol and drug use.

To promote recovery and mental wellness through housing and support services.

Bridges to Recovery – A MCGHA facility, operating as a peer-run recovery center, providing a hub for multiple prevention, treatment, and recovery resources and service connections

Mission – Bridges to Recovery is here to help guide individuals through the recovery community by connecting them with others in recovery and providing access to area support services. At Bridges, we understand that Recovery looks different for everyone, and meeting people where they are, allows people to recognize their own strengths and create a new life with meaning and purpose. Bridges provides a positive, safe, peer-led, peer-driven, empowering, Person-Centered environment supportive of all pathways of Recovery for women/men to recover from active substance use disorders and obtain the recovery capital to live a life free of chemical dependence.

Philosophy –  Bridges serves those seeking, affected by, or in recovery from substance abuse by supporting recovery efforts in the communities of Marinette County, WI, and Menominee County, MI. and provides a safe, healthy, family-like substance-free environment that supports individuals in Recovery from substance use disorders/active addiction. Bridges benefits individuals in Recovery by creating a safe environment where change can occur, reinforcing a substance-free lifestyle, and directly connecting to other peers in Recovery, mutual support groups, and recovery support services.