This is a quick breakdown of how I became an addict to a recovering addict. It all happened when I was 11 years old. I started smoking marijuana and cigarettes a couple of times a week to every other day, which led to me giving up on school (good grades to horrible grades) then a few years later I broke my wrist and got prescribed Vicodin 5’s and it never stopped after that. I was drinking and selling drugs at the age of 17 following with an arrest of possession of analog and THC. I sat 3 months in Menominee County with the H.Y.T.A. program which means I completed probation and everything the felony comes off my record, well I messed that up by going back to jail because I started shooting up suboxone. That’s when life took a left turn and I couldn’t stop using. I love the rush but hated needles. For the next 10 years, I was incarcerated over 16 different times, followed by doing any and every drug besides PCP and Masculine. I even overdosed this time, sad to say but I am very thankful it happened because today I wouldn’t be in recovery especially if it wasn’t for Bridges to Recovery for being there for me and not giving up on me. “Remember the come back is better than the set back”. Bridges to Recovery helps with a Recovery Coach, at least with 1 or more 1:1’s a week. They can give you worksheets and good ideas to help you work this program. Remember the whole point of a Recovery Coach is to help you get a stable life in recovery. Don’t worry most of the Recovery Coaches have been in your shoes or not worse. Anybody can work this program, you just have to want it!! I’ve always talked about working a program but never actually did because I wanted to have fun with friends and being in toxic relationships with females who used drugs just as badly as me. I even thought having a kid would slow me down. It even seems to make me worse but now I’m back incarcerated once again facing new charges in a different county (Marinette) while on parole in Michigan and losing my son. “Sometimes you have to go backward to go forward”. Today I am 4 months sober and working the program daily!! While in Marinette County Jail waiting for sentencing and possibly MI parole revocation and termination of my parental rights to my son. But I’m good, I go to all my programs (HA, Book Club, AA, Outreach, and Bridges to Recovery) with the help of getting my Parenting certificate so I’m also doing good because “Sometimes you have to end an adventure to begin a new one”, that is an addict to a recovering addict. NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!!!